Your Questions

You are in the early stages of planning for pregnancy…wondering about budgeting for a baby, how to know when you are ovulatingearly signs of pregnancy and things to do for a healthy pregnancy.

Or, perhaps, you recently found out you are expecting and you want to know if you can eat your favorite tuna melt sandwich, what a certified nurse-midwife does or how your relationship might change.

Maybe you are already getting your bag packed for delivery day or working out the logistics of breastfeeding with your newborn. Simply choose the phase below that matches you best for insight from our doctors, certified nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners on all sorts of questions about starting a family.

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Before Pregnancy

If you are thinking about starting a family, you are probably wondering about a lot.

Late Pregnancy

Important information for when your due date is just around the corner.

Early Pregnancy

Everything you want to know when you just found out you are pregnant.

After Pregnancy

The things you are likely wondering about now that your baby has arrived.


Your belly is growing…and you have more questions.

Throughout Pregnancy

Information on topics that are relevant through each phase of your pregnancy.

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